Natural Language Processing & Interactive Voice Recognition

Project: NLP/IVR multi-channel communication

Create a multi-channel call flow for merchants to use for self-service. Implement and utilize a new NLP software called Nuance to allow faster navigation. Re-think our authentication and security using biometrics built into the system to achieve a faster more efficient call in system.

Role: Principle UX Designer

Lead the entire project, set the testing and research standards, supervise the UI creation, create consistent testing milestones to attain maximum user feedback. Hands on design and whiteboarding sessions to examine all areas of the dashboard.

Problem: 3 separate channels of communication for Agents to see Merchant Communications

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Solution: Create a single dashboard that pulls in all communications and seperates them with intuitive information architecture reinforced by semantic colors for at-a-glance navigation.

Artifacts: User Flows & Function Maps.

User Flows / Function Maps / Logic Maps